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Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce was holding a press conference, criticising Labors recently announced policy to reach zero net emissions by 2050, when Labor agriculture and resource spokesperson Joel Fitzgibbon interrupted to defend the policy。

"We simply could not support a policy that limited the growth of the red meat sector or any other sector for that matter," chief executive Tony Mahar said。

Labor leader Anthony Albanese called for an end to the climate wars, as most Australians "just want to get this done"。




Anthony Albenese indicated agriculture was one of the areas were emissions could be reduced。

"Everyone in the electricity sector knows that the only way a new coal power plant will be built in Australia is through significant taxpayer subsidies, including a carbon risk indemnity that the Australian Industry Group estimates would cost up to $17 billion for a single plant," Mr Albanese said。

"The Opposition leader has no idea what this target will do to dairy farmers, livestock producers and rural customers," Ms Landry said。